What to Expect When Cleaning Out a Foreclosure?

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In Las Vegas, foreclosures are an unfortunate fact of life. The area was one of the hardest hit by the housing crisis that began in 2006, with home prices falling sharply and many people who’d been wooed by attractive loan packages, easy entry and low interest rates finding it difficult to make their home payments once their loans’ introductory periods had passed.

While the situation is improving, as of early 2010, Las Vegas still reports one of the highest 90-day delinquency rates in the country and a foreclosure rate that’s nearly seven times the national average.

Why a Waste Removal Company Is Needed

If someone has fallen behind on his mortgage payments, then he may face a foreclosure in which he is asked to leave his home. Occasionally, the bank will offer something referred to as “cash for keys.” In this type of arrangement, the bank gives the resident a sum of money in exchange for vacating the house without causing any damage. The reason this is sometimes offered, is that individuals who are facing foreclosure have a tendency to become angry at the bank and intentionally damage the home as a means of revenge.

There are many examples of foreclosures in Las Vegas wherein the former occupants have removed anything they could from the home, including cabinets, doors, pool equipment and more’ to sell before they were required to vacate. I once walked into a house where the outlets were missing and the wires were sticking out where the switches used to be. I also heard of a foreclosure case in which the former occupant had gone into the roof and cut all the ceiling joists before leaving.

You’d be surprised at what some people will do when they’re faced with the prospect of losing their homes. Even when major damage isn’t present following a foreclosure, the home is often left in an extremely messy, even dangerous, state. Unfortunately for the bank, this creates a situation in which the home must be cleared out and cleaned before it can be sold. This is where a waste removal company like A Track-Out Solution can be very helpful.

What We Can Help

In my experience, the clean-out process involves clearing the house of any of the former occupant’s belongings. Surprisingly, many leave behind furniture and personal items that aren’t of any use to the bank. Furthermore, if parts of the home have been damaged or partially removed, any remaining loose items will need to be cleared out and hauled away. In a case like this, the bank may ask local contractors to submit bids for the clean-out project.

Usually, to facilitate the clean-out, we will provide a dumpster and several laborers to empty the home. The home is cleared of the former occupants’ belongings, and any parts of the home that cannot be cleaned or repaired will also be removed. Sometimes we may even need to take up the carpets and padding if they’re in very bad shape. Once the home has been cleared, the waste bin is hauled away and the items are treated the same way demolition or construction waste might be treated – taken to a facility where the bin’s contents can be sorted and prepared for recycling or re-use.

We are dedicated to providing affordable and reliable cleanout services for houses, estates and business in Greater Las Vegas, NV. We are committed to recycling as much as possible, and we do our best to minimize the amount of waste that goes into our landfills. We believe in protecting the environment while serving our customers’ waste removal needs – that’s just the way we like to do things.

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