The Facts Behind Running a Foreclosed Home Cleaning Business

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The foreclosed home cleaning industry was once a silent and invisible industry. However, such shows as Oprah, CNN, Fox News and many others have thrust this industry into the limelight citing stories of individuals who are enjoying a high rate of financial success due to the skyrocketing home foreclosure rate.

With 24 Million Americans unemployed or looking for work how is it possible that only a lucky few have managed to stay below the radar while making $3,000 – $5,000 a week in this industry? The answer is obvious, many are unaware of this industry and many of those that become aware of it still consider the cleanout of a foreclosed home a menial job.

A foreclosure cleanup is just like any other job with one exception. Once you have established your contact with the financial institutions that will be sending you cleaning assignments you do no soliciting or advertising to get job assignments. They contact you by email or phone with assignments in your chosen area. Most beginners are usually caught unaware by the overwhelming number of jobs they are assigned from the start, since you can request work in as many zip codes as you want.

This is not a bad thing since most jobs can start at $400 and go all the way up to $1,000+ per house. Some people are working 10 or more jobs daily which can quickly accelerate their earnings into four and five figures while working at their own pace.

Some jobs may entail installing a new lock, boarding up a broken window or simply the hauling away of personal belongings left behind by the previous home owner. The law of supply and demand is very much evident in this new industry.

Supply: hundreds even thousands of foreclosed homes in a given area, too many for any one person or company to clean and secure in timely fashion. Banks have a vested interest in those foreclosed properties and wish to avoid any liability issues. That’s where you come in; you take care of the banks problem and get paid a handsome fee for it, again and again.

Demand: not enough people to clean and secure all these foreclosed homes situated nationwide, banks are willing to pay premium prices to have them made safe and secure as soon as possible.

Getting started in this industry requires no experience, no license or certification and most people already have the necessary equipment at home. Such tools as a lawn mower, weed eater, vacuum cleaner, broom, shovel, and some basic cleaning products are all that is needed to get started.

This is the perfect home based business since very few people are aware of this opportunity that can be started part-time, on weekends and afternoons or you can jump in with both feet and go full-time. Some of these banks and financial institutions will even direct deposit your check into your bank account eliminating the need to go to the bank.

This is a hot industry that keeps growing each day. There appears to be no end in sight to the number of homes being foreclosed in every state. Since the average field rep is averaging $600 per day, this industry like many others can soon become saturated. Don’t let this happen to your area, take action now and secure your preferred zip codes.

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