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There are a lot to learn in starting a foreclosure cleanup business and even when you are already operating. When you were just about to start your cleaning foreclosures business, you went through many start-up-your-own-business materials to aide you in how you should start your new business. Just like getting an education, learning does not stop there.

There are still many things to learn in the process. If you have already started your own foreclosure cleaning business, you will be surprised to know that there is still a lot of learning to be done. This is particularly true in terms of how much to charge your clients, bidding on, and in giving job estimates.

In this article, reasons on why you should not give a job estimate that is detailed will be explained. These reasons will protect you from losing your chance to get job contracts. Knowing what these reasons are will definitely make you a smarter player in the industry.

Possibilities are you can only be used as a source of estimate.

This is done many times. Your foreclosure cleanup jobs will be mostly requested by banks and realtors. These institutions will send out their staff to get your price quotation for a specific job they wanted you to render. The price quotations which you are going to submit will then be presented to their superiors for approval which foreclosure cleaning company should they get. Drafting a price estimate that is too detailed will just be, in most cases, a waste of time and effort in your part. What you can do instead is to just give an official rate for the job requested.

You can explain though that you will provide the break out of the estimate when you are hired. You can point out that you can actually give a detailed price estimate but only when you have signed a contract.

You can be used for price shop. Your price for one foreclosure service can be subcontracted out to another company.

This means that your price will be compared with another company’s services. The realtor, investor, banker or whoever asked for your detailed price quotation can go to another foreclosure cleaning company and ask whether they can beat a price for one of the services they needed. For example, if you charged $2,000 for trash out, they can ask the other company if they can beat your price. If the other company agreed to give the service for a lower price of $1,500, that service may be slashed out from your contract and be given to the other company instead. Your price can be used to bargain for lower prices. That means your supposed income from a full-service will be decreased.

Be careful then in divulging your detailed rate for particular services. Be a smart player and be assured that you will earn only what you deserve! Be very accommodating though and professional when offering your services.

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