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The Facts Behind Running a Foreclosed Home Cleaning Business

The foreclosed home cleaning industry was once a silent and invisible industry. However, such shows as Oprah, CNN, Fox News and many others have thrust this industry into the limelight citing stories of individuals who are enjoying a high rate of financial success due to the skyrocketing home foreclosure rate. With 24 Million Americans unemployed…

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How to Start Cleaning Foreclosed Homes for the Banks

This year alone there is expected to be over 3 Million homes foreclosed on nationally!And banks desperately need vendors to cleanup and maintain their bank repos! This is an outstanding business opportunity to make thousands to millions cleaning and offering property preservation services to the banks for their foreclosure properties. Have you always wanted to…

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Cleaning Foreclosed Homes for Banks – Is This a Viable Business Opportunity?

Cleaning foreclosed homes for banks is one of the new business opportunities that is quickly gaining popularity. The idea behind it is very simple. You go into homes that have been foreclosed and clean up the property so the bank can then sell it. The scope of that cleaning is what sets you apart from…

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